Emily Orson
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Portrayed By TBD
Position Unknown, Medical Volunteer (Pre-Apocalypse)
Age Unspecified; possibly 20's to 30's.
Hair Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Dead
First Appearance "d3446z01"
Last Appearance "d3446z0"
Death Partially devoured by Crazies, head smashed with a fire axe by Dr. Warren before reanimation.
Ethnicity Unknown

Emily Orson is a minor character that is featured in Creator's post-apocalyptic survival story, Just Keep Running. She first appears in the prologue to the story, "d3446z01".


Nothing is known about what Emily's personality was like.


Very little is known about Emily's life before the apocalypse. It is known that she lived either on or near the island of Lamina off the American coast, and that she actively participated in medical testing at the S-RP Violet facility. It is known that Emily had a liking of the Care Bears.


During the outbreak on Lamina, Emily was located at the Violet facility and was there to participate in the medical testing of over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. When the facility was placed on lockdown, Emily was left with no means of escape when the facility's staff and patients began to become infected, turned and devoured the living. Sometime during the chaotic events, Emliy ended up on Level D, where she was attacked and killed by Crazies.

Dr. Warren encounters Emily's mangled, devoured body while traversing the corridors of Level D on his way to Stairwell 3. He is able to positively identify her by the Care Bears bracelet that she wore on her left wrist before preventing her from reanimating as a Crazy herself.

Killed Victims

This is a list of victims that Emily has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies.


Killed By

While the outbreak became out of control on the island, Emily was trapped within the Violet facility. While on Level D, Emily was cornered, attacked, killed and partially devoured by Crazies.

The doctor stumbled upon the young woman's body while trying to make it to Stairwell 3, and smashed her head with a fire axe mercifully to keep her from reaniating as a Crazy.


  • Emily is the first character in the series to be killed before reanimation as a Crazy.
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